3 Signs that your Engine is Acting Up | Xtreme Auto Repair

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When it comes to car troubles, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. The evolution of car problems can be pretty subtle till one day it is very obvious. Cars, like humans, need maintenance, care and attention in order to stay in optimal shape — and also like humans, it’s important to catch the signs of wear and stress before reaching a point of complete exhaustion.

If your car has reached that point, don’t worry — a simple engine repair in Kitchener at Xtreme Auto Repair will do the trick. In the meantime, here are 3 signs to watch for, in order to catch any engine-related problems before they become worse!

Exhaust smoke

Everyone knows this one — we’ve seen it on TV and in movies as the obvious sign that an engine has gone awry. Exhaust smoke is one surefire sign that you need an engine repair in Kitchener.

Different colours mean different things

  • Black smoke — usually indicates too much gasoline has been burnt
  • Grey smoke — may point to a coolant leak
  • Blue smoke — signifies an oil leak

Waning fuel efficiency

Nothing is worse than spending close to $100 on your gas tank to find it diminishing extremely quickly. If your fuel efficiency is really bad, it could be a sign that you need an engine repair in Kitchener.

Power and performance issues

If your car is sluggish, isn’t performing well and seems to have lost it’s power, these can all be signs that you need to look into an engine repair in Kitchener.

Some clear signs include:

  • Steering problems
  • Taking a long time to warm up (in winter)
  • Acceleration problems
  • Knocking, stirring and other noises coming from under the hood

If you’re looking for a engine repairs in Kitchener, know that Xtreme Auto Repair wants to make your experience as easy and as painless as possible. Speak with one of our car specialists or visit our shop, today!