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The Basics of Oil Sprays | Xtreme Auto Repair

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Oil sprays are an important part of car maintenance. They allow you to maximize your car’s durability, offering a layer of protection against corrosion and environmental conditions.

Think of it like this: oil sprays can positively influence the value of your car and let you keep it in pristine condition for longer. Even if your car manufacturer’s advisory suggests that rust protection isn’t necessary, it is important to understand that the protective coating offered on the body of your car, doesn’t necessarily apply to other areas of your car that are  vulnerable to corrosion.

 Here are a few common questions about the basics of oil sprays, before you get your next oil spray in Kitchener.

How often should I get an oil spray done?

If you’re thinking about having an oil spray in Kitchener, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) suggests that an oil spray should be completed annually. However, some people decide to have it done every two years.

How come?

According to CAA Technical Advisor Paul Datzkiw, cities in central and eastern Canada are now using all kinds of chemicals and deterrents to make sure the roads stay safe — citing that salt is no longer the only corrosive material out there. These chemicals stick onto the body of the car and seep into its inner workings.

Where is an oil spray applied?

Generally, oil sprays are applied to the underside of your vehicles, the inside of doors and the rear frame (fender). These areas of the car are vulnerable to chemicals and the oil acts as a protectant to stop rusting.

When is the best time to have an oil spray?

Ideally, you should have an oil spray in Kitchener when you first purchase a car. This is often seen as investment that will pay off if you were to resell your car later down the line.

Even if you decide to keep your car, wouldn’t you want to have it running at its most optimal level? While an oil spray isn’t the only way to protect your car from depreciation, it is a key component in both its maintenance and health.

In terms of timing throughout the year, the best season is to have an oil spray in Kitchener  is in spring. This is a good time of year because your car can be cleaned and treated right after it’s been exposed to the chemicals.

What is the cost?

If you’re looking to get an oil spray in Kitchener, the average cost is under $150.

Xtreme Auto Repair prides itself on being transparent about costs and fees. We will work with you to determine a price point or payment method that works best.

Are you looking to have an oil spray in Kitchener in the near future? With spring around the corner, please give us a call to book your appointment or visit us today!