Spotting a Problematic Transmission


Something’s starting to feel off with your vehicle but you’re not quite sure what. Maybe it’s not running as smoothly, it’s making subtle strange sounds, it’s being less responsive or it just doesn’t feel right. You’re thinking Oh, it’s nothing… probably just the cold weather is causing it to act up. This may be true but it’s important to know that this can signify a lead up to transmission problems.

Transmission problems always begin as a collection of smaller hard-to-detect instances that can turn into more obvious, stressful and expensive problems to fix. Regular maintenance and early repairs on your transmission in Cambridge will ensure that your vehicle will perform well over time.

Some signs to watch for

Transmission problems can present themselves in a number of instances. Some include…


If you haven’t heard that sound before, chances are… you shouldn’t be hearing it. The moment you notice an extraordinary buzz, clink, whir or shake (or any other sound-making adjective for that matter!), bring your vehicle into our repair shop for some TLC on your transmission in Cambridge.


Is your vehicle fighting you to switch gears? When the gear engages, is there a delay beforehand? Does your vehicle feel slow to respond overall? This is when you know that it’s likely a transmission problem.

If your vehicle is slow to or completely unable to switch gears, you should first try to inspect the fluid levels of your vehicle or reset your car by detaching the battery and allowing it to rest for half an hour. If nothing seems to revive it, then Xtreme Car Repair can inspect your transmission in Cambridge to pinpoint the situation and offer you an affordable service!

Leaky Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

Leaky ATF fluids can either mean that your car has a hole that needs to be fixed or it can be your transmission’s cry for help. ATF is vital to your transmission like in the way oil is vital to your engine. Its levels should never be low because it functions as a lubricant, as a hydraulic fluid and a cleaning agent for your transmission. Without it, your engine would fail. If you notice your fluids are continually low, or that they’re leaking onto your driveway and emitting a burnt

smell — these are all signs to bring your car in to Xtreme Car Repair so we can take care of your transmission in Cambridge!

Check Engine Light

Finally, if your Check Engine light comes on, it’s important not to ignore it. It can often point to transmission problems but that isn’t always the case. When this light goes off, it’s because the sensors of your car detect that something isn’t working well. When this happens, it’s best to bring your car in for a professional inspection to pinpoint exactly what the cause is to avoid serious repercussions in the future!

Are you looking for a professional inspection of your transmission in Cambridge? Stop by Xtreme Car Repair. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assess your transmission, repair malfunctions and if it comes down to it, replace or overhaul it to get you right back out on the road in no time.